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Aardra Systems Transforms Gardening Experience for a Globetrotting Professional


Our client, a professional with a demanding travel schedule, nurtures a deep-seated passion for gardening. Despite having pre-installed irrigation pipes with drippers and a basic timer system in her London residence, her frequent absences resulted in her garden’s inconsistent care. The inflexible nature of her existing system and the challenge of maintaining the garden during her travels led her to seek a more efficient solution. She discovered Aardra Systems at her local garden centre, a solution that not only improved the health of her garden but also significantly reduced her plant replacement costs.

The Problem: Inadequate Irrigation and Lack of Control

The existing timer-based watering system in our client’s garden was programmed to follow a strict schedule, offering no flexibility based on weather or soil conditions. Consequently, the system continued to irrigate the garden even after rainfall, leading to overwatering. Similarly, during hot, dry periods, the system was unable to adjust and provide the necessary increased watering without manual intervention. This reprogramming was particularly challenging when our client was abroad, leaving her garden at risk.

Moreover, the system provided no feedback regarding its operations. There was no way to determine whether the watering cycle had been completed, or how much water had been used in each cycle. This lack of information posed a considerable problem for our client.

The Solution: Integrating Aardra Systems

Upon the recommendation of her local garden centre, our client decided to incorporate Aardra Systems into her garden, a state-of-the-art solution comprising of the following components:

  1. IoT Irrigation Controller: The heart of the smart irrigation system. This controller manages water release and receives data from wireless and connected sensors. It enables remote management and programming of the irrigation schedule, connecting to the Aardra Cloud Platform via a dedicated mobile data connection. This connection facilitates real-time communication and control, regardless of the client’s location.
  2. Sentor Moisture Sensor: This sensor is specifically designed to measure soil moisture levels in real time. It then forwards these readings to the IoT Irrigation Controller, which adjusts the watering schedule as necessary. This ensures that the garden receives the appropriate amount of water based on the real-time moisture levels in the soil.
  3. Sencom: A solar-powered wireless communicator, the Sencom is designed to facilitate communication between the Sentor and the IoT controller. A communication range of up to 500 meters ensures seamless and reliable data transmission across the garden.
  4. Flow Meter: Positioned at the water source, the Flow Meter measures water usage and flow rate. This crucial component provides real-time data on water consumption, helping the client to monitor and manage water usage effectively.
  5. Valtor: The Valtor is a smart water valve that regulates water supply based on the system’s needs. It provides water as and when required, ensuring optimal garden irrigation.

Together, these components form an integrated, intelligent, and efficient system that addresses our client’s specific needs and offers significant improvements over her previous system.

Implementation and Integration

The installation of the Aardra Systems was a meticulous process, carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure in the client’s garden.

The IoT Irrigation Controller, the system’s nerve centre, was securely installed in a safe location within the garden. This ensured it was protected from potential damage while remaining accessible for necessary adjustments. This controller allowed for remote management of the irrigation schedule, enabling the client to control her garden’s watering schedule efficiently, irrespective of her location.

The Sentor moisture sensor and Sencom, key components for sensing and communication, were strategically placed at multiple reference points throughout the garden. These placements enabled accurate, area-specific readings of soil moisture levels, ensuring an optimised watering schedule tailored to the specific needs of different zones within the garden.

A flow meter was also introduced into the setup. Positioned before the Valtor – the smart valve – and connected to the IoT Controller, this device facilitated precise water usage monitoring. This additional layer of information empowered our client with a better understanding of her garden’s water consumption and promoted a more sustainable gardening practice.

Lastly, the Valtor was expertly installed between the water source and the beginning of the irrigation pipework. This strategic placement enabled precise control over the water flow, ensuring the right amount of water was delivered to the plants at the right time.

Through this thoughtful and detailed installation process, Aardra Systems were more than just added to the garden; they were integrated into the existing landscape, setting the stage for a superior, intelligent, and efficient watering system.

Results: Optimised Irrigation and Enhanced Control

Aardra Systems brought about a significant transformation in our client’s garden care approach. The Sentor moisture sensor, an integral part of the system, accurately monitored soil moisture levels, regulating irrigation based on real-time needs. The sensor recognised this if recent rainfall had adequately moistened the soil and prevented unnecessary watering cycles.

The water flow meter and IoT controller provided precise information on water usage, reporting the exact volume of water used in litres. The IoT controller also provided real-time alerts for potential issues like power outages or an interrupted water supply. These alerts were delivered through the Aardra Cloud Platform, accessible via both Apple and Android devices, providing our client with valuable insights and control over her garden’s irrigation system.

The IoT controller’s backup battery ensured uninterrupted functionality, even when the power was accidentally switched off, providing much-needed reassurance for our client. Similarly, incorporating an Aardra Flow Sensor allowed the system to detect and report any interruptions in the water supply, ensuring our client was alerted immediately.


Aardra Systems was an invaluable addition to our client’s garden, providing her with an ideal balance of control, efficiency, and peace of mind. The advanced features and adaptability of the system allowed her to continue her travels without concern for her garden’s wellbeing.

During the hot summer months, when plants were previously prone to wilting due to inadequate watering, Aardra Systems ensured the garden was optimally irrigated. The combination of smart sensors and IoT control ensured that each plant received the necessary amount of water, effectively preventing wilting. As a result, our client no longer had to spend time and money replacing wilted plants, thus preserving her cherished garden and valuable time.

Moreover, the efficient use of water and real-time feedback on usage aligned with her commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In addition to the tangible benefits of healthier plants and reduced costs, she contributed to a more sustainable future.

In sum, Aardra Systems revolutionised our client’s approach to garden care and enhanced her overall experience, proving the worth of smart, connected, and sustainable gardening solutions.

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