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Our client, a gardening enthusiast with a spacious garden and front yard, has always derived immense joy from her outdoor spaces. Over the years, her commitment to nurturing her plants and maintaining her garden’s beauty has never wavered. However, as other commitments have increasingly vied for her attention, she could not afford the necessary time and energy for daily watering, a vital aspect of garden care, especially during the warmer months when her garden’s demands are at their peak. Despite her love for gardening, the task of watering has always been a persistent challenge. Introduced to Aardra Systems, she discovered a solution that alleviated her watering concerns and resulted in a healthier, more vibrant garden.

The Problem: Time-Consuming Maintenance and Water Waste

Our client’s garden is large and varied, filled with a diverse range of plants and flowers and a sizeable lawn area. During the summer months, maintaining the health and vibrancy of the lawn was particularly challenging. The lawn required frequent watering, often necessitating a static sprinkler in multiple positions throughout the day. This process was both time and labour-consuming and resulted in considerable water wastage. Furthermore, if the sprinkler was accidentally left in one position for too long, it could cause water logging and damage the lawn.

The Solution: A Comprehensive Aardra Systems Installation

To help our client better manage her garden, we recommended a comprehensive installation of Aardra Systems. This included:

  1. IoT Irrigation Controller: This device serves as the central control unit for the irrigation system, managing water release and receiving data from various connected sensors. It enables remote management and programming of the irrigation schedule, connecting to the Aardra Cloud Platform via a dedicated mobile data connection.
  2. Sentor Moisture Sensor: This sensor measures soil moisture levels in real-time and communicates this data to the IoT Irrigation Controller. As a result, the system can adjust the watering schedule based on the actual needs of the garden.
  3. Sencom: This solar-powered wireless communicator enables seamless data transmission between the Sentor and the IoT controller, ensuring real-time communication across the garden.
  4. Flow Meter: Installed at the water source, the Flow Meter measures water usage and flow rate, allowing our client to monitor and manage water usage effectively.
  5. Valtor: This smart water valve regulates water supply based on the system’s needs, ensuring optimal irrigation of the garden.

To accommodate the expansive size of the garden and the specific watering needs of the lawn, we had to consider a more robust and efficient watering system. Pop-up sprinklers were chosen for their ability to provide comprehensive and even coverage for the lawn, eliminating the need for manual repositioning of static sprinklers. However, these sprinklers require a higher water flow rate and pressure than is typically available from a residential water source.

We installed a water pump and a 1000-litre tank to overcome this challenge, ensuring a consistent and sufficient water supply for the sprinklers. This setup not only allowed for efficient watering of the entire lawn but also significantly reduced water wastage, aligning with our client’s desire for an environmentally responsible gardening solution.

In addition to the lawn, the various plants and flowers in the garden also needed attention. We installed new irrigation pipes throughout the garden, ensuring complete coverage and providing each plant with the right amount of water at the right time. This comprehensive, smart watering system perfectly answers our client’s garden care needs.

Implementation and Integration

The implementation of the Aardra Systems was meticulously planned and executed to cause minimal disruption to our client’s garden. We installed the IoT Irrigation Controller in a safe location within the garden, ensuring its protection while maintaining easy access for necessary adjustments. The Sentor moisture sensor and Sencom were strategically placed at multiple reference points throughout the garden, allowing for accurate, area-specific readings of soil moisture levels.

A Flow Meter was installed at the water source to comprehensively understand the system’s water usage. This device was connected to the IoT Controller, providing our client with precise, real-time data about the water consumption in her garden.

To facilitate the necessary water pressure for the pop-up sprinklers and to ensure an uninterrupted water supply, a 1000-litre water tank and a pump were integrated into the system. The tank was strategically positioned to collect water from the residential source, while the pump was installed adjacent to the tank to boost the water pressure as needed.

Following the pump, the Valtor – the intelligent water valve – was installed between the water tank and the beginning of the irrigation pipework. This allowed for meticulous control over the water flow to the garden, ensuring each area received the correct amount of water at the right time. Thus, every component was thoughtfully placed to work in harmony, creating an efficient and sustainable irrigation system.

To cater to the needs of the lawn, we installed pop-up sprinklers that operated based on the watering schedule set on the IoT Irrigation Controller. This eliminated the need for manual repositioning of the sprinkler

Results: Enhanced Garden Health and Streamlined Maintenance and Sustainability

Implementing Aardra Systems heralded a new era in our client’s gardening experience. The system’s intelligent design and automated features resulted in noticeable improvements in her garden’s health and vibrancy, streamlined her maintenance routine, and led to significant time and cost savings.

The Sentor moisture sensor was a vital component in this transformation. By delivering real-time soil moisture data, it enabled the creation of a dynamic watering schedule that accurately catered to the garden’s needs. This precision and the strategic positioning of irrigation pipes and pop-up sprinklers ensured the garden was consistently well-hydrated without risk of overwatering. This optimal hydration reduces plant stress, improving plant health and longevity. Consequently, our client experienced considerable savings in time and cost typically associated with frequent plant replacements, a tangible benefit that enhanced her satisfaction with the system.

The automated pop-up sprinklers specifically revolutionised the maintenance of the lawn. Their operation eliminated the need for our client to manually reposition a static sprinkler multiple times a day – a time-consuming and physically demanding task. The sprinklers ensured the lawn remained lush and vibrant throughout the hot summer months while also freeing up valuable time for our client.

Beyond the enhanced health of her garden and the considerable time savings, the IoT Controllers also offered our client invaluable insights into her garden’s water usage. The real-time data from the Flow Meter, accessible via the IoT Controller, offered a clear understanding of her water usage. This insight enabled her to manage her resources more efficiently, significantly reducing water waste. This feature resonated with our client, not only for its contribution to her gardening efforts but also for its alignment with her commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Aardra Cloud App, used by our client, her gardener, and the maintenance team, facilitated more efficient work routines. The app’s additional insights allowed them to respond proactively to the garden’s needs, further enhancing the effectiveness of their work and the overall health and beauty of the garden.

Moreover, the Aardra Cloud Platform provided analytics that could detect potential issues, such as the garden tap that fills the tank being switched off. This immediate alert system allowed our client to rectify the problem quickly, ensuring continuous, automated, and efficient irrigation. This further reinforced the value of the Aardra System, providing a more vibrant garden and peace of mind.


The integration of Aardra Systems in our client’s garden presented a solution that aligned seamlessly with her lifestyle and commitments. The system’s advanced features and automation relieved her of the time-intensive task of manual watering, providing more freedom to enjoy her garden rather than labour over it. The robust analytics and real-time feedback enabled her to effectively maintain her garden, leading to healthier plants, a more vibrant lawn, and significant water savings.

The system’s intelligent response to the garden’s real-time needs resulted in significant water savings, an aspect that our client greatly appreciated in light of the ongoing global climate issues. Furthermore, the introduction of pop-up sprinklers for lawn maintenance effectively eliminated the arduous task of manual sprinkler repositioning, a feature that our client found immensely beneficial.

In addition to the tangible benefits of healthier plants, reduced costs, and time savings, our client contributed to a more sustainable future, thereby finding a perfect balance between her passion for gardening and her environmental commitments. The Aardra Systems transformed our client’s approach to garden care and enriched her overall gardening experience, proving the value of smart, connected, and sustainable gardening solutions.

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