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Product Details

IoT Controller

Water is a precious resource. It can also be an expensive one for those who use lots of it for their agricultural, horticultural, commercial, or industrial processes.

The system saves water from wastage during the watering process. It also gives analytic data of that period. It saves human resources by being automated system Human resources can be employed some other chores

Specification :
  • 8 x latching output ports for Valves and relays. (Expandable with an additional expansion interface).
  • Integrate a wide range of RF 2.4Ghz based sensors, such as the Sencom and Sentor.
  • 3 x Input ports for sensor such as flow and float to effectivly monitor water source.
  • Wide range mobile connectivity aross multiple opertors and network techology such as IoT,Cat-M1 and GPRS. GPS and GNSS connection for location information.
  • 1 x Data port for additional sensors such as environmental, fertility and many more. Custom requirements will be interfaced with the IoT controller via this data port.
  • Back up Li-Poly battery. Charging source AC/DC power adaptor or solar panel with a MPPT module.

Aardra Cloud :

Configuring the IoT Controller is accomplished using the Aardra Cloud platform, accessable from the mobile app or www.aardra.app dash board.

Features :
  • Flexible subscription plans to meet user requirments.
  • Configure multiple IoT Controller from one cloud account.
  • Monitor and integrate various IoT sensors remotely.
  • Create multiple automated irrigation zones with the aid of IoT sensors, schedulers and data anaylatics.
  • Operate Valtors and relays manually.
  • Regular status alerts from IoT devices and zones, including any irregular activities.
  • Integrate third-party analytical tools and data feeds such to improve productivity, yield quality and value.
  • Sensor and operational data securley saved onto the Aarda storage for future analytics.
  • Regular updates of new features.
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