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Pomegranate Farmer

Enhancing Pomegranate Farming through Smart Irrigation in Kutch, Gujarat, India


Aardra Systems took on a commendable initiative by joining forces with a pomegranate farm in the arid region of Kutch, Gujarat, India. Our primary objective was to address the prevailing water scarcity and to optimise the farm’s resources for better yield by using our state-of-the-art smart irrigation systems.

Context and Challenges

The Kutch region, known for its sparse rainfall and barren landscapes, presents a daunting challenge for pomegranate farming. Water scarcity is a profound concern, demanding efficient irrigation methods to ensure the growth and survival of crops. Furthermore, the region’s remoteness often results in a shortage of skilled labour, making it challenging to maintain consistent and efficient watering practices, which is crucial for optimal crop yields. The heavy reliance on groundwater pumped into a 300,000-liter tank adds to these challenges, leading to significant electricity consumption and associated costs.

Aardra Systems Installation

Recognising these intricacies, Aardra Systems proposed and installed various products on a designated half-acre of the pomegranate farm. Our suite of devices included the Procom (Basic Controller), Valcom (Valve Communicator), Sencom (Sensor Communicator), Sentor (Moisture Sensor), and Valtor (4” Valtor).

Our system’s adaptable and agile design facilitated easy integration with the existing 300,000-liter tank setup. Through this, not only did we aim for water conservation but also a reduction in electrical energy consumption, considering both its scarcity and associated costs in the region.

The transformative power of our advanced irrigation solutions yielded significant outcomes:

  1. Water Savings: An impressive 60% reduction in water usage was observed compared to traditional methods, further amplifying the benefits of drip irrigation. This marked reduction is a beacon of hope for sustainable farming practices in regions grappling with water scarcity.
  2. Improved Crop Growth: The farm witnessed enhanced growth in the pomegranate crop, directly influencing its market value. A surge in yield directly translates to higher income, ensuring economic sustainability while upholding ecological balance.
  3. Energy Savings: Parallel to water savings, a marked reduction in electricity consumption was achieved. Even though electricity is frequently subsidised in the region, its judicious use has multifaceted benefits. Lesser demand on power plants translates to reduced carbon emissions, aiding in climate change mitigation. The venture thus also contributed to a reduced carbon footprint for the farm.
  4. Optimized Human Resources: The automation introduced by our controller alleviated the manual burden of irrigation. This enabled the farmers to allocate their time better, focusing on other crucial aspects of farming, thus driving efficiency and productivity.


The collaboration between Aardra Systems and the pomegranate farm in Kutch underscores the immense potential of merging modern technology with traditional farming. The tangible benefits, ranging from significant water savings to improved crop yield and from energy conservation to optimised human resource utilisation, are a testament to the efficacy of our solution.

The endeavour addressed the farm’s immediate challenges and demonstrated a blueprint for sustainable and efficient farming in regions facing similar adversities. As the landscapes of Kutch bloom with thriving pomegranate trees, Aardra Systems remains steadfast in its commitment to innovating solutions that resonate with environmental and agricultural harmony.

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