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Revitalizing Piplantri's Unique Ecological Initiative with Smart Irrigation


In a commendable alliance, Aardra Systems partnered with the community of Piplantri, a village in Rajasthan, India, globally recognised for its groundbreaking initiative to plant 111 trees for every girl child born. With this alliance, Aardra Systems aimed to enhance the sustainability and yield of the local vegetation through our advanced smart irrigation technologies, thereby contributing to both the social and ecological revolutions the community has initiated.

Context and Challenges

Piplantri has an extraordinary story. The villagers have transformed the social narrative around the birth of girl children and have managed to plant over 300,000 trees, including Neem, Aloe vera, Mango, and Amla. As the trees mature along with the girls, the village has moved into creating financially sustainable models by producing aloe-based products.

While the project has undeniably succeeded, the region still faces challenges related to water conservation and efficient irrigation for the increasingly diverse plant species. Moreover, the village aims for the survival and thriving of these trees, which demands optimised irrigation, particularly during dry spells.

Aardra Systems Installation

To address these multifaceted challenges, Aardra Systems tailored and deployed a range of smart irrigation products over a designated half-acre in Piplantri. Our solutions included the Procom (Basic Controller), Valcom (Valve Communicator), Sencom (Sensor Communicator), Sentor (Moisture Sensor), and Valtor (1.5” Valtor).

Our system was designed to integrate effortlessly with Piplantri’s existing ecosystem, bringing a more scientific approach to water conservation and ensuring the optimal growth of diverse plant species.


The outcomes of the installation were overwhelmingly positive:

    1. Water Savings: Our system contributed to a 40-60% reduction in water usage, essential for a region where water is valuable.
    2. Enhanced Vegetation Growth: The smart irrigation system directly contributed to healthier and more robust growth among the various plant species.
    3. Community Empowerment: The saved resources were redirected to other community initiatives, thus enhancing the overall standard of living in Piplantri.
    4. Economic Benefits: The better yield also had a trickle-down effect on the village’s economy, as more robust plants invariably led to an increase in the production of aloe-based products, thus boosting the local economy.


The alliance between Aardra Systems and Piplantri Village is a testament to what modern technology can achieve when aligned with socially and environmentally uplifting initiatives. The project underscored the invaluable role that sustainable technologies can play in enhancing the gains from community-driven ecological movements.

Our tailored solutions not only addressed immediate concerns around water conservation and vegetation health but also had a far-reaching impact on the socio-economic conditions in Piplantri. As the community continues to thrive and expand its environmentally conscious initiatives, Aardra Systems remains committed to offering technological solutions that amplify the impact of such commendable community endeavours.

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