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Living Walls


Aardra Systems understands the unique challenges of maintaining vertical gardens, also known as living walls. Together with our landscape partners, who specialise in designing indoor and outdoor vertical gardens, we transform spaces into vibrant, living works of art. Despite their aesthetic, environmental, and health benefits, living walls have specific watering needs that can be challenging to manage efficiently. Leveraging the capabilities of Aardra Systems, we provide solutions that address these watering issues and furnish valuable data to ensure the optimal well-being of vertical gardens.

The Advantages of Vertical Gardens

The Advantages of Vertical Gardens Living walls are popular in modern landscape design and interior decoration. Here are some of their key advantages :

  • 1.

    Aesthetic Appeal: Vertical gardens can transform plain or unattractive walls into vibrant, living art pieces. They add a natural, calming element to both indoor and outdoor spaces and can also be used to create a focal point.

  • 2.

    Space-saving: These gardens are an excellent solution for small spaces where traditional gardening might not be feasible. They allow for a lush garden without sacrificing floor space, making them ideal for urban environments or indoor areas.

  • 3.

    Improved Air Quality: Plants naturally filter the air, removing toxins and releasing oxygen. This can improve the air quality in indoor spaces, and some studies have even shown that indoor plants can help reduce certain pollutants.

  • 4.

    Temperature Regulation: Living walls can help regulate temperature indoors and outdoors. They provide insulation, reducing the need for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. This can result in energy savings and a more comfortable environment.

  • 5.

    Noise Reduction: Plants can help absorb, diffract, and reflect sound waves, making living walls a natural sound barrier.

  • 6.

    Biodiversity and Habitat: In outdoor settings, living walls can contribute to biodiversity by providing habitats for insects and birds.

  • 7.

    Well-being and Productivity: Interaction with nature can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance concentration and productivity. Living walls in workplaces, schools, or homes can provide these benefits.

  • 8.

    Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Living walls can contribute to sustainable building design. Apart from their role in reducing energy use through temperature regulation, they also encourage using local and native plant species, supporting local ecosystems.

The Problem

Regular Maintenance and Water Efficiency Despite the numerous advantages of vertical gardens, they require regular and precise watering. This is especially important given the vertical arrangement of plants, which can result in uneven water distribution if not properly managed. Traditional watering methods or simple timer-based systems can lead to inefficient water use, risking the plants’ health and unnecessary water wastage.

The Solution

A Comprehensive Aardra Systems Installation To help our client better manage their vertical gardens, we recommended a comprehensive installation of Aardra Systems. This included:

  1. IoT Irrigation Controller: This device serves as the central control unit for the irrigation system, managing water release and receiving data from various connected sensors. It enables remote management and programming of the irrigation schedule, connecting to the Aardra Cloud Platform via a dedicated mobile data connection.

The Aardra Systems allowed for multiple independent watering zones to be controlled from one central controller. Each zone required its own valve to dispense water, but this was all controlled centrally. The system can be expanded with additional options, but 8 to 12 zones are generally used to design the vertical gardens.

Implementation and Integration

he IoT Irrigation Controller was strategically placed to ensure effective water management. The controller, powered by solar energy, could manage multiple independent watering zones, each with its water dispensing valve. This centralised control made the watering process more efficient and allowed easy monitoring and adjustments.

Results: Enhanced Plant Health, Streamlined Maintenance, and Sustainability

Implementing Aardra Systems revolutionised our client’s approach to vertical garden maintenance. The system’s intelligent design and automated features resulted in noticeable improvements in plant health, streamlined the maintenance routine, and led to significant water savings.

The IoT Irrigation Controller ensured the plants were consistently well-hydrated without the risk of overwatering or water wastage by providing a dynamic watering schedule that could be remotely managed and adjusted. This precision, coupled with the strategic positioning of the water valves, ensured that water was dispensed evenly across all zones of the vertical garden.

Moreover, the IoT Controller offered invaluable insights into the watering cycles and water consumption, enabling our clients to monitor and optimise their water usage effectively. This led to greater water efficiency and aligned perfectly with the client’s commitment to sustainable gardening practices.

With the Aardra Systems in place, our client was able to leverage the many benefits of vertical gardening without the maintenance challenges that come with it. The result was a series of thriving, sustainable living walls that brought aesthetic appeal, improved air quality, and a touch of nature to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Aardra Cloud App: Efficient Work Routines and Immediate Alerts

The Aardra Cloud App, used by the maintenance team, provided additional insights that allowed them to respond proactively to the garden’s needs. The app’s data facilitated more efficient work routines and enhanced the overall health and beauty of the vertical garden.

The Aardra Cloud Platform also provided analytics that could detect potential issues, such as a closed water tap. This immediate alert system allowed the maintenance team to rectify the problem quickly, ensuring continuous, automated, and efficient irrigation. This ensured the vertical garden’s well-being and provided peace of mind for our client.


The integration of Aardra Systems in our client’s vertical garden presented a solution that perfectly catered to their needs. The system’s advanced features and automation relieved the maintenance team of the time-intensive task of manual watering, providing more freedom to focus on other important tasks. The robust analytics and real-time feedback enabled the team to maintain the garden more effectively, leading to healthier plants and significant water savings.

Moreover, the system’s intelligent response to the garden’s watering needs resulted in significant water savings, a critical aspect our client greatly appreciated, given their commitment to sustainable practices. The Aardra Systems not only transformed our client’s approach to vertical garden care but also enriched their spaces’ overall aesthetic and environmental value, proving the value of smart, connected, and sustainable gardening solutions.

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