Case Study

Case 2

Tracy Price (Beautician/therapist/ consultant) 2016

Area : Essex

State : London

Country : United Kingdom

Tracy Price is frequent traveler as demanded in her profession and in a year she spends a percentage of her income on Gardening.

Although she has family members to look after her garden while she is away, her garden still suffers wilting of many expensive plants, simply because other members are busy elsewhere in their schedule.

She initially introduced watering by Manual irrigation method and the success rate was not much. She than introduced timer watering method and that had some success but in situation like rainy days it would flood the area while in sunny days it will let the plants wilt.

So her struggle to find an appropriate system was always on a scan in the market.

Aardra System was introduced to her by her garden center and her garden dilemma receded together with her annual cost of replacing dead plants.

To date her conviction towards the system is, that she is very content with it as it functions as a personal gardener that waters the plants when it is required.

The basic principal involved is, that the systems replicates the whole area with uniform moisture level and it checks every 5 secs to evaluate the pre-programmed level.

“Based on the excellent service from inquiry to completion, we will definitely refer Aardra Systems to all our friends and family in the future.” …………………………..Tracy Price

Case 1

Rajesh Patel (Farmer/ Owner) 2016/17

Area : Bhuj

State : Gujrat

Country : India

The Farm Area is of 70 Acres and soil condition is very dry in summer season and quite adequate in winter season.

The crop is pomegranate (8000 bushes) and is watered through water tank that holds 50,000 litres.

The irrigation pipes from the source were 4” to peripheral area. 2” pipe were laid in rows and from it, 16mm were dispensing to all the pomegranate bushes.

Mr Patel’s dilemma is, his annual consumption of water and yield quantity and quality does not leave much margin in his finance to re-invest.

He has manually driven irrigation system to all his 8000 bushes of Pomegranate but it does not equate in favour of good quality of yield.

Aardra Systems Loaned and fitted the system for a Year and the outcome was significant both in economy water and yields quality and quantity.

The economics of saving water was clear up to 65% and then the cost associated with acquiring water per litre was down as well.

The quality of the plant was very striking and thus it produced fruits that were on an average of 350grm.

In the market the fruits were dealt on the size and weight and both proved to be a good investment.

Mr Patel’s verdict was that the system is a clear winner to him and farms predicament.

“So far Aardra System has met our expectations in full. The functions are practical and rewarding. As you can see from our farm, provides a new viewpoint from which to appreciate economy in water and yet yields are enhanced.”……………….Mr R Patel