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Building Energy

Enhancing Building Management Efficiency with Aardra Systems' IoT Controllers and Sensors


In addition to its acclaimed irrigation control and air quality monitoring solutions, Aardra Systems extends its innovative approach to customised systems tailored for a diverse range of industries. One of the key sectors that has significantly benefited from our expertise is building management. In this case study, we explore a partnership with a client who manages a vast portfolio of commercial properties throughout London and sought our advanced IoT solutions to enhance efficiency in their operations.

Client’s Challenges

Our client was heavily invested in the resource-intensive management of numerous commercial buildings. Tasked with maintaining optimal operational efficiency, the client sought technological interventions to streamline processes, enhance real-time monitoring, and ensure rapid response to any emerging issues.

The Aardra Solution

Responding to the client’s specific needs, Aardra Systems proposed an integrated solution encompassing our standard IoT controllers, enhanced with energy sensors to monitor voltage and current consumption in the buildings.

A critical focus was on the sewage pump management. The client needed insights into the pumps’ operational efficiency, frequency of operation, and early warning signals for end-of-life or potential failures. Our customised system provided real-time analytics on pump operations and alerted the management to faults, pump trippings, or high-level tank alerts, enabling prompt remedial actions.

Moreover, our system extended its capabilities to monitor the energy consumption of the entire building. This feature not only supported sustainability initiatives but also ensured efficient heating and air control. In the event of a power outage in any section of the building, immediate alerts facilitated swift rectification, minimising operational disruptions.

Integration and Implementation

Aardra’s approach was characterised by seamless integration. We augmented the client’s existing control panels with our systems, offering a non-intrusive, parallel operation that enriched the existing mechanisms without any disruption. This ‘bolt-on’ service approach ensured that the client could leverage enhanced capabilities without overhauling the established systems.

Real-Time Insights and Control

Our solution encapsulates a dual-component approach – the on-site hardware and the cloud-based software. Clients can access real-time insights and controls via a web browser or a dedicated mobile app, ensuring that they are always in the know and can initiate immediate actions whenever necessary.


This partnership underscored Aardra Systems’ adaptability and commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address specific client needs beyond our standard product offerings. The integration of IoT controllers and sensors in the building management sector not only optimised operational efficiency for our client but also epitomised the potential for technological innovation to drive enhanced performance across diverse industry landscapes. Our client now enjoys streamlined operations, real-time monitoring, and rapid response mechanisms, hallmarks of the operational excellence that defines Aardra Systems’ contributions to the IoT landscape

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